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One-stop Service for Mold Design, Production and Debugging

Newtop Rubber can provide customers with one-stop service for customized silicone products. All of our processes are completed in the factory, including product 3D artwork design, mold 3D artwork design, molding, sample development, mass production, and printing etc.

In Newtop Rubber, mold making includes the following steps:

1. Products 3D artwork design and confirmed,

2. Mold quatation(quotation includes: mold price, mold life, mold making turnaround time, product size and weight, mold size and weight),

3. Mold 3D artwork design,

4. Machining: The processes involved generally include: turning, gongs (milling), heat treatment, grinding, computer gongs (CNC), electric discharge (EDM), wire cutting (WEDM), coordinate grinding (JIG GRINGING), laser lettering, polishing etc.

5. Mold assembly,

6. Mold trial run,

7. Model Evaluation Report (SER),

8. Approval of model evaluation report (SER Approval)

The whole mold making process of Newtop Rubber complies with our quality management system. We are committed to providing customers with quality-guaranteed molds. In terms of mold price, we also provide the most advantageous price. When we have further cooperation with customers, we can refund the mold cost or bear part of the mold development cost.