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Standardized/Customized Liquid Silicone Rubber Solution Provider

Whether it is to find high-quality liquid silicone products that can meet your requirements, or find a factory that can help you achieve your customized needs, it is a very time-consuming and complicated task. But with NEWTOP RUBBER, this problem can be solved well.


NEWTOP RUBBER is one of the leading silicone product manufacturers in China, we provide one-stop silicone products wholesale and custom manufacturing services. Our products cover mother and baby products, kitchenware, household products, pet products, customized parts, and other fields.


There are a lot of tooling molds in the factory, which can produce mother and baby products including silicone breast pumps, silicone dinner plates, silicone bibs, and silicone teethers. It can also produce kitchen utensils such as silicone brushes, scrapers, and food storage bags.


NEWTOP RUBBER also provides customized silicone products for customers in the automotive and electrical industries, such as the customized design and production of spark plug protective sleeves and silicone insulating rods.


Our medical-grade silicone raw materials are also used to customize the production of medical supplies for customers, such as the customized production of silicone cushions for ventilator oxygen masks.

High-Quality Silicone Products To Grow Your Business 

Quality Assurance

Customers' trust in the quality of our products and satisfaction with our service attitude are important factors for our success. Therefore, we are firmly committed to providing customers with high-quality products and customized injection molding services. After more than ten years of development, NEWTOP RUBBER has formed a high-standard quality control system from raw material purchase to packaging and shipment.

· Production process control: NEWTOP Rubber has established strict mold standards, and adopted IQ/OQ/PQ verification and first-class silicone molding methods to achieve the highest level of process control. We use automated production in our production, which helps us produce the highest quality parts for you.

· Development of the latest technology: To improve the stability of production and product quality, we continue to develop and update the existing production technology and equipment, including multiple injection molding and compression molding.

· Staff skill training: We regularly provide employees with production safety awareness and production technology training, so that employees have the awareness of producing high-quality and high-standard products.

· Factory certification: NEWTOP Rubber has always been committed to building a high-standard silicone products manufacturer. We have passed ISO 9001, ISO 13485, BSCI, and SGS certifications.

Comprehensive Support

When you use silicone materials to customize your products, you may encounter some professional problems. NEWTOP RUBBER can provide you with free consultation and various services in this area, including:

· New product development ideas and suggestions

· Product design

· Guide for selection of silicone materials

· Component tooling and prototype testing

Our experience can help you design and produce high-quality, usable products so that you have a unique advantage to seize the market.

At the same time, NEWTOP RUBBER can provide customers with professional product customization services, whether it is customizing LOGO on existing products or custom silicone products that meet customer needs from scratch.


Our goal is to provide customers with high-quality silicone customized products through our excellent design, molding, production capacity, and customer-responsible service attitude so that customers' ideas for products can be perfectly realized. And through our high degree of cooperation, we help our customers to open up the market and achieve success.


Whether you are a small business owner or a purchasing manager of a large company, you can get reliable services at NEWTOP RUBBER. NEWTOP RUBBER's self-designed and produced products sell well all over the world, and both terminal sellers and intermediate traders are satisfied with our products and services.