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What is Silicone Solutions for Industrial Application?

Silicone is one of the most useful materials for people. Silicone provides wide solutions for industrial applications, including silicone seals, silicone o-rings&gaskets, silicone bumpers, and silicone protection covers for automotive devices.

LSR's ability to maintain its mechanical properties in extreme temperatures makes it ideal for exterior automotive components. Rubber components in the engine compartment, seals and diffusers in headlights, as well as vibration dampeners in climate control systems are continuously exposed to a vast range of heat and cold temperatures, and water and moisture. Liquid silicone rubber also offers superior elongation, and ozone and UV resistance for gaskets and other components exposed to the environment.

Electric wiring and electronic sensors all need watertight seals that last for the lifetime of the vehicle. These parts must be able to withstand a wide range of cold-to-hot temperatures without detriment to the part's physical properties.

In some cases, LSR parts such as these can be over-molded directly onto other components within the assembly avoiding displacement of the seal (“roll-over”) thereby creating a superior seal while eliminating assembly steps and time.

We manufactuer silicone products list below,and we also provide rapid model prototyping.Tell us what kind of products you want to get.

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