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Why Should Parents Choose Silicone-based Products for Their Babies?

Children's health, in particular during their infancy, is one of the greatest priorities of human beings throughout the world. Infants' first contact with food, after breastfeeding, is through baby bottles. Traditionally, these baby bottles were made with glass which, while being hygienically very efficient, are heavy and, of course, brittle and prone to be broken.

Why should parents choose silicone-based products for their babies?

Food-grade silicone baby care products are above all completely safe for infants because they are biologically inert and biocompatible, containing no toxic substances such as Bisphenol A (BPA).  Silicone baby bottles and nipples are also very heat resistant, making it easy to clean them and sterilize everything that comes into contact with infants or young children. Silicone is also a fully-transparent product so that parents can see how much the child has eaten. They are also odorless and do not alter the taste of food, even after multiple uses.

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