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The answer to this question is yes and also no. Considering one better than the other when it comes to kitchen utensils will for sure depend on the specific utensil. For example, you can't cook on a pot made out of silicone, but you can when one is made from stainless steel. In general, you should choose and prefer silicon over stainless steel cookware.


This will help you not only to save money but you will be protecting your loved one's health and they will also help you cook easily and with more comfort. Yes, stainless steel kitchenware has been in our kitchens for over a century but with the appearance of silicone kitchenware, they are now being slowly left aside.


It's been a big debate about which material is actually better than the other one, and both have advantages and benefits as well as disadvantages. But for sure, one of the materials definitively overshadows the other material.


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Advantages of Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils

As it was mentioned before, stainless steel was and still is the mainstream in the cookware industry for decades. It is a steel alloy that contains copper, aluminum traces, chromium, and magnesium. This material has a lot of advantages.


We have to start by saying that there Is a huge variety and you'll be able to find them globally and in abundance. You can find pots and pans in every size and shape to fulfill your culinary needs and this proves why this material has dominated the industry for so long and why one can find it literally everywhere.


This material also has high durability. In comparison with some non-stick pans, which will end up being worn out and chipped after repeated use, your stainless-steel cookware will keep its quality and shape no matter how often you use it. This one might sound obvious, but they are ideal for cooking. They are designed to ensure that the heats spread in an even way across the surfaces. Handles have less aluminum added to them so this way they keep cool and insulated.

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You can also consider them low maintenance. Taking care of them won't require that you give them extensive care measures. There are some pans made of materials that can’t cook all kinds of food and in general, will rust if you leave them wet. On contrary, you can actually cook all kinds of food in stainless steel ones and they wo't rust. They are also non-reactive. Thanks to their non-porous and also well-coated surfaces, there won’t be any leaches nor any reactions and you'll prevent food contamination.


Disadvantages of Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensils


On the other hand, the disadvantage of stainless-steel kitchenware is that food will stick to its surface, over high temperatures. When this happens, cleaning them will be so inconvenient for you, will take you more time and most likely food will get wasted.


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Also, they are poor heat conductors. While they have high traces of aluminum, which will make the heat spread evenly, some foods, especially acidic ones will cause this material to leach into the food you are cooking. Nowadays, manufacturers are trying to reduce and even avoid aluminum additions, because high levels of contamination can cause bone disorder, Alzheimer's, and even breast cancer. Since they have fewer aluminum additions, they become poorer heat conductors.


Advantages of Silicone Kitchen Utensils


And finally, we are going to focus on silicone utensils and the advantages they have. Let's start with the fact that like stainless steel ones, you can find silicone kitchenware there's a huge variety of them and you can find them globally and in abundance. They have user-friendly designs and very flexible bodies that make them convenient to use in different containers without breaking or bending or damaging anything. This also makes their cleaning more convenient for you, while wasting food is minimized.


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Kitchen utensils made of silicone are also high-temperature resistant, well as well as low-temperature (cold), like for example, a silicone ice tray, basically at extreme temperatures. Products like cooking molds or bakeware will keep their shape and also their quality at 220ºC or 429ºF. Lower temperatures won't crack them either. No matter how often you'll use them they'll keep all of their characteristics.


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They prevent damage to food containers, are also lightweight and reusable and one of the best things is that they're non-toxic and eco-friendly. If we have to talk about the disadvantages, it's important to remember that pure silicone is really hard to find and it’s a bit more complicated to recycle them than one would do with plastic.