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As you have probably already noticed, you'll probably find the world silicone literally everywhere. It is basically featured literally in every aspect of our daily life. You can see it in pharmacies, hardware stores, textbooks, and even on billboards.

We might see it in our houseware products or even wear it in our fingers. But you'll probably come around to some common misconceptions about this material, that can eventually prevent us from seeing all the benefits it can have and how it can help us.

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We will now talk about some myths and bust them with the truth.

Myth Nº 1: It is its own element

It is not a singular element, the singular one would actually be silicone. It is instead a chemical compound, that has been made out of oxygen, silicon, and other plastics. All of this makes silicone very versatile. Its composition might depend on what use you’re intending to give. The good thing is that you’ll have a lot of freedom to play with its structure, once again giving it a lot of versatility.

Myth Nº2: It is unnatural

Silicone might not be found naturally it is made of elements that occur naturally, for example, oxygen, plastic, and even sand. Can you believe it? It is also found as an eco-friendly alternative to many plastics because it has a lot of many natural properties and of course because of its durability. 

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Myth Nº3: It is all the same

This is something that isn’t true. As it is made of very abundant and strong building blocks there isn’t actually a limitation on its behavior in many different mediums. We can find silicones for example in skin care products like face washes and they’re even used to seal decks and roofs, and some are even used to make scrambled eggs, like spatulas made out of silicone rubber.

Myth Nº4: It is soft

Some people might only imagine silicone just being soft like maybe a spatula… But the truth is that silicone can be smooth, brittle, sticky, and also it can be everything in between. Why? Because it is versatile, malleable, and resistant to heat and water. In the end, it can become any shape and texture you might want. 

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These properties make it something that any good silicone mold supplier will be able to supply to anyone looking for the best materials and products for their business.

Myth Nº5: It is ugly

There are probably a lot of people who might have had some terrible horror stories that involve some botched silicone. But it is very important to have in mind that not all silicone has been created equally. It all comes to the quality of the silicone you are going to work with and also the type you're going to use for a project will have an impact on the final result.

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Myth Nº6: It is waterproof

This is probably one of the most misunderstood facts about silicone. Silicone might be water resistant but it isn't really waterproof. Because it is water resistant it means that air and also water can still pass through it in small amounts. This is important to know when it comes specifically to the silicone sealant. When use in buildings they can actually prevent mold and promote a healthy circulation of air.  

Myth Nº7: It has to be hot to use it

Silicone has been designed to resist temperature, making it great too and apply to windows, buildings, and any other project that you might have, no matter what's the weather outside. It can adhere strongly and fast to whatever you need to protect, no matter if it rains or shines or if it's hot or cold.

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Myth Nº8: It is toxic to humans

Of course, nobody would recommend you to drink silicone sealant, the properties it has actually make it one of the best ingredients for many face washes that are oil-free, as well as moisturizers and shampoos. It is not only used topically in the beauty industry but since it is resistant to stains, bacteria, and heat and is also not corrosive, they are also good as kitchen products, as well, it won’t flake off or become brittle while you’re cooking with them. Besides, FDA recommends them as safe to prepare food.