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Privacy Policy

Welcome to Newtop Rubber


Your privacy is important to Newtop Rubber. We collect information to provide and deliver better service and customized content to our Users. This Privacy Policy is meant to help you understand how we collect and use your information. Newtop Rubber is committed to protecting the privacy of its users and other contacts.


This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data processed by full-time and part-time employees, contractors, and partners doing business on behalf of Newtop Rubber and business processes conducted by Newtop Rubber.

Information We Collect

When you become a User with Newtop Rubber, we may collect the following personal data:

Name and contact details

User name


Company name and address


Job Function


Subscription preferences

Information about the device(s) you use

Information about service usage

Authentication data

Location data

Time zone

Other information you provide to us

How We Use the Information We Collect

Newtop Rubber uses (and where specified, shares) your personal information for the following purposes:

To provide support or other services

Newtop Rubber may use your personal information to provide you with the support that you have requested. Newtop Rubber may also use your personal information to respond directly to your requests for information, including newsletter subscriptions, and webinar registrations, to forward your contact information to the appropriate resource for follow-up related to your interests, and other support requests.

To provide information based on your needs and respond to your requests

Newtop Rubber may use your personal information to provide you with new products, notices of new or enhanced products, product updates or releases, website features, or service developments.

To select content, improve quality, and facilitate use of our websites

Newtop Rubber may use your personal information, including the information gathered as a result of site navigation and electronic protocols and cookies (including third-party cookies), to help create and deliver personalized content, improve website quality, track marketing campaign responsiveness, evaluate page response rates, conduct usability testing, and facilitate your use of our websites (for example, to facilitate navigation and the login process, avoid duplicate data entry, enhance security, and preserve information between sessions).

To communicate with you about a webinar

We may communicate with you about a webinar. This may include information about the content, logistics, updates, and additional information related to the webinar.

To get feedback or input from you

To deliver products and services of the most interest to our audience and Customers, from time to time, we may ask existing advertisers and Users to provide us with input and feedback (for example, through surveys, usability studies, and focus groups).

To Forward to a Friend

We use third-party email addresses provided for the “email a friend” feature only to send newsletters, Product Alerts, or webinar invitations to a subscriber-specified third-party, and for no other purpose.

Disclosure of Personal Information

When you become a User with Newtop Rubber, your contact information and details will not be shared with anyone other than Newtop Rubber. Information you provide when registering for, or participating in, a webinar or downloading a white paper, may be shared with our Customer, the webinar or the white paper sponsor. The sponsor may use this information in a manner that is common within their industry, e.g., by contacting you with product information or assessing your interest in their products and services. The treatment of such information is subject to the privacy policies of the sponsor. The sponsor may contact you after the white paper download or webinar regarding updates or regarding related products and services. You should contact the sponsor directly if you have any questions about their use of your information.

Cookies and Web Beacons

Cookies and web beacons are electronic placeholders that are placed on your device by websites to track your individual movements on that website over time. Newtop Rubber uses both session-based cookies (which last only for the duration of the user’s session) and persistent cookies (which remain on your device and provide information about the session you are in and wait for the next time you use that site again).

These cookies and web beacons provide useful information to Newtop Rubber enabling us to recognize repeat users, facilitate the user’s access to and use of our sites, allow us to track usage behavior, and balance the usage of our websites on all Newtop Rubber web servers.

Tracking cookies, third-party cookies, and other technologies such as web beacons may be used to process additional information, enable non-core functionalities on the Newtop Rubber website, and enable third-party functions (such as a social media “share” link). We may also include web beacons and other similar technology in promotional email messages to determine whether the messages have been opened.

Legal and Regulatory Information

Personal Data about Minors and Children

Newtop Rubber does not knowingly collect data from or about children under sixteen (16) years of age without the permission of parent(s)/guardian(s). If we learn that we have collected personal information from a child under age 16, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. If you believe that we might have any information from or about a child under age 16, please contact us.

How Will You Know If Our Privacy Policy Has Changed?

Newtop Rubber in its sole discretion, reserves the right to update its Privacy Policy from time to time. If we make any material changes we will notify you by email if you have a Newtop Rubber account, or use a notice on this website before the change becomes effective. We encourage you to periodically review this page for the latest information on our privacy practices.


If you have any questions about the policy, you can write to:

Newtop Rubber

Room 103-107, No. 93-1, Tian'an Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, China

Attention: User Services

Email:[email protected]