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As your baby is growing more and more and probably after 6 months of breastfeeding, it might be possible that your pediatrician might have made a comment about it might be time to start baby-led weaning.  While you were breastfeeding, it was your baby who directed their feeding (he decided when to let go of your breasts or when to let go of the bottle). But after this time, there's this theory that says that babies now don't depend on themselves to be fed.

Anyways, during baby-led weaning, which is the process of weaning a baby, where the baby gets introduced to solid foods in their diet, and they can eat them independently with their own hands. Nowadays more professionals and also more and more families have become advocates of this method. This method is respectful of the baby's times and will also prevent them from developing aversions to any kinds of flavors or textures, as nobody is forcing the baby to eat something they don't want. 

This method has a lot of benefits, not only for the mother but also for the baby. And is probably one of the best moments to start using your new favorite custom silicone cups. In them, you can put all the different foods you want your baby to try, from fruits to vegetables to other delicious foods.

As well as baby-led weaning has its benefits, using a feeding plate for it and while your kid is growing has its benefits, pros, and cons too. 


One of the pros is that you are giving the correct portions. When you start this method, probably you'll be making this mistake… giving your child the incorrect portions. Sometimes mothers provide their kids with huge piles of carbs and proteins that the children can't really finish and then become upset because of that.  And believe it or not, baby portions should be smaller than you might think.

If want to monitor the proportions, then for sure a divided feeding plate is the way to go. During the baby-led weaning process, you have to remember that your baby's main way of nutrition comes from breastfeeding or formula. 

The good thing is that the food silicone plates are made of silicone overmolding. And one of the benefits it has is that its manufacturing process will allow you to use non-plastic substrates, like steel. And it also the only way to incorporate materials, besides other thermoplastics and LSRs during the process of injection molding.

Back specifically to the pros of silicone plates and baby-led weaning, they also will let you introduce your baby to different types of food. This is something good because if you expose your kid to different flavors and textures during their 6 to 18 months periods, it’s most likely that they will become eager eaters and not picky ones when they grow up.

Silicone plates and bowls will create a lot less mess. While it will be more for you to clean up, they will definitively help cut the mess when your baby is eating.  They will help also with developing the motor skills that are associated with eating. One of the best things for your kid is that they will definitively make the eating process more fun for them.

As you can see, this eating method and also the use of silicone feeding plates are very beneficial for your kids and their development. Choose the one you think your child will love eating from and give them the right portions. I'm sure you won't regret it.



There are not many cons when it comes to silicone feeding plates. Sadly, there are not many patterns to choose from. They are also too durable and you might not want to buy one if you need one, for any reason.