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Bear a Good Idea in Mind? Let's Make It into Reality!

NEWTOP RUBBER warmly welcomes every customer to share us with their good idea.  Our custom silicone product manufacturing services are the perfect choice for your project. 

And we understand the importance of streamlining the process for you so that you can bring your products to market quickly and efficiently, and with impressive commercial benefits. Let us help you bring your product ideas to fruition in a fast and efficient way, trust us to make it happen!

● 3D artwork design (CAD)

● Project feasibility assessment

● To sign an NDA if needed

● Prototyping

● Customizable tooling, material, molding method, product colors, package, printing logo, etc.

Customized Service Process Transparent & Direct

Get a jumpstart on your project by obtaining an in-depth understanding of the production process. Take the initiative and begin today!

●Product Design

The custom production process of silicone products starts with product design, which involves creating a 3D model of the product using specialized software. The design should be optimized for manufacturability and meet the customer's specific requirements.

Prototype Test

Before starting mass production, a prototype is created to test and ensure the product meets the design specifications. Any necessary adjustments are made at this stage. So you can confirm if it's the right product you are looking for.

Mold Finishing

According to product and mold design, we use CNC (Computer numerical control) to manufacture molds. We support customers to freely customize the mold material and surface treatment process. Such as common steel mold and polishing processes.

●Mass Production

NEWTOP RUBBER factory is equipped with advanced automatic production lines, enabling us to deliver complex solutions quickly and efficiently. We are well-versed in injection molding, compression molding, and extrusion molding - the perfect combination for all your manufacturing needs.


Once the product is removed from the mold, it may undergo post-processing, which can include secondary vulcanization to strengthen the silicone, logo printing, and custom packaging to enhance the product's aesthetics and brand identity.

●Quality Control

Ours has set up an inspection system, from raw material to molding to product inspection. This includes visual inspection, measurement, and functional testing.

Flexible Packaging

At our company, we offer comprehensive custom packaging solutions that help businesses reduce costs and maximize returns from the initial design concept to fulfillment. Our team is committed to providing reliable resources for all of your product packaging needs from start to finish.

Our custom packaging options include:

  • Paper boxes

  • Printed labels

  • Hangtags

  • Barcode stickers

Brand Custom Solutions

In today's competitive market, it's essential to make your product stand out from the rest. One effective way of doing so is by customizing your logo. With silicone products, you have access to 4 distinct methods for imprinting logos: 

  • Debossed/embossed logos on tool mold directly

  • Logo printing (pad printing, screen printing, heat transfer)

  • Epoxy logos

  • Laser etching/engraving logos

Utilizing these options will help maximize visibility and engagement with potential customers.

High Quality Raw Materials

Our primary raw material is liquid silicone rubber that is platinum vulcanized, ensuring exceptional durability and flexibility. This material is perfect for creating safe and reliable products for a range of applications, including the food industry. 

Additionally, we support other grades of silicone raw materials, including industrial and medical-grade options. Our using high-quality materials means that you can trust our products to meet your needs with ease. When you choose our factory, you can be confident that you're getting excellent products made with excellent materials.

Why Choose Us?

Complete certificates. Reliable product quality. 

Factory certification includes ISO:9001, BSCI, SEDEX. Product certification includes FDA, CPC, CE, LFGB, etc.


● Different shapes, colors, and sizes. According to the customer’s idea, we can design the products with various acquirements.


●Strict quality control. The quality control person inspects all products according to the specifications.


●Fast Delivery. After design and manufacture, we will send out customers’ products as quickly as possible.


●Superior before-sale and after-sale service. We will provide customers with our high-quality service.


Questions, Comments? You tell. We listen.

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